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The Rusty Wallace Racing Experience Series

The Series: 

A six race series at Motor Mile Speedway, RWRE will provide equally prepared Late Model Stock Cars for up to 8 participants per weekend.

The Cars:

Chassis: LMSC Style Perimeter Chassis

Tire: 10 Inch Hoosier Racing Slicks

Engine GM 602 Crate Engine

Transmission: 3 Speed Saginaw

Shocks: Pro

Weight: 2750

Instructor Staff:

Our instructors vary weekly, but include former and current LMSC Champions, former crewmen and car chiefs from NASCAR’s top 3 series and for 2021 Rusty himself will sit in for a day in May.


Every race is preceded by Friday night practice from 4-8pm where participants will get at least 50 laps of practice with coaching in between sessions.




Pricing & Extras:

Individual Race: $1995.00

3 Race Package: $5475.00

6 Race Series Price: $9995.00

Crash Clause:  Participant may purchase a crash clause for $350.00 this will limit out of pocket damages to a maximum of $3500.00. Participant must have a refundable $1500.00 on deposit for damages.  If participant purchases this crash clause participant will be responsible for all damages up to $3500.00.  If participant declines crash clause they are responsible for all damages to racecar up to $10,000.00.  Damages are simply assessed for damage to racecar, RWRE will not determine “fault” in an accident.  To quote two phrases, “It is what it is, it’s one of those racin deals”

Rookie Package: 

If you’ve never raced at Motor Mile Speedway or just never raced at all we would highly recommend our Rookie Package.  This includes an arrival time at Motor Mile of 830am on the Friday preceding your race for intensive 1 on 1 training with an instructor.  You will get advanced instruction and seat time from 9am thru 1pm, this will include multiple on track sessions with feedback from your instructor after every on track session.  There’s just no substitute for seat time and you’ll get at least 80 laps of seat time this morning.  Your instructor will be spot for you and coach you while you’re on track and follow that up with out of the car instruction, we’ll teach the racing line, corner speed, getting back in the throttle sooner and how to make the pass at Motor Mile.   We’ll make you fast, consistent and have you ready to race! After 4 hours of this intense training, frankly you’ll need a break.  You’ll get just that and break from lunch until you join us back at the track at 4pm for final practice. $1295.00 

Season Rental:  If you don’t like to share we can rent your car to you for the year.  This will include custom fitting a seat and belts and making the car comfortable for your driving style.  The car will be garaged at Motor Mile Speedway and used only by the driver renting the car for the 2021 Season.  This package is all inclusive, 6 races, 3 Rookie Pacakge Extras and every Friday night practice. $16,850.00


Custom Wraps:  If you are renting the car for the year and would like to bring sponsorship to the series, we can custom wrap the car for you.  Prices starting at $1795.00.

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