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The Rusty Wallace Racing Experience at Motor Mile Speedway is designed to put the average fan behind the seat of a NASCAR Late Model Stock Car.  Our first permanent location allows us to set up great facilities to take you effortlessly through your driving experience as we get you behind the wheel of a real racecar.  RWRE will provide you everything you need from the firesuit and helmet, to instruction and of course a well prepared racecar.


You'll take a short 45 minute class with us and we'll get you ready to drive a real NASCAR Late Model Stock just like our stars on Saturday night.  We have years of experience and have perfected putting just the right suspension set up in a LMSC with the fast and driveable combination of a GM crate motor to create the perfect experience for fans with limited or no experience driving a stockcar.  Often times our classes are scheduled on Friday nights and Saturdays when our regular divisions are practicing.  Whether you are thinking of pursuing the opportunity to race on Saturday nights or just want to get a closer look at all that goes on when our teams practice this will give you a unique opportunity to get a look behind the scenes at all our racers do to get ready for race night!


We would highly encourage you to consider adding a ride along to your driving package, this will give you the real feel of just what it's like to go through a corner at speed.  It's unforgettable and will really get you ready to race.


See You Trackside!


  • August 20th

  • September 10th


  • 5 LAPS $69

  • 10 LAPS $99

  • 20 LAPS $179

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