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100% stock set up

This event will be run over normal general safety rules

Roll cages are recommend & permitted

Door bar is recommend & permitted

Only cars are permitted for this event (no SUV or Trucks)

4-6-8 Cylinder stock cars are permitted

No Super Chargers

No Turbos

No adjustments to the front end is permitted

Stock Tires & Stock Rims (Must be original for make & model)

Exhausts can be removed mid transmission point in the back

Catalytic converter & muffler can be removed

Full Face Racing Helmet with shield

Full Fire suit and gloves are required

Fire extinguisher are not mandatory but permitted

A Roll cage is recommended but not required

You must have a full working seatbelt (5 point harness recommended)

Rough driving is permitted, but there can be no intent to wreck another car.

No race cars.
Any 1965 or newer car NO SUV’s, Trucks, or plastic door Saturns.
No special order vehicles. No turbos or supercharged cars must be normally aspirated must have good working brakes and be safe to drive! NO MUSTANGS OR CAMAROS!
Must have factory suspension no alterations. A frames strut towers beyond factory adjustments. No racing shocks
Stock motor and Trans only no high performance parts headers, carbs, or high rise intakes. Must run factory carb for that car no Holley or any aftermarket carbs. Cars with factory headers will be permitted.
No bars may pass thru fire wall to front of vehicle and may not pass thru rear speaker deck.
No radiator support reinforcement.
Straight shifts are legal only if car come factory with it.
No locked or pose and model. Absolutely no aftermarket parts.
All glass must be removed & must have 3 bars in front i trac rear-ends. Limited slip ok.

Tires and wheels stock for makof driver for debris protection.
Headlights, taillights and all trim must be removed including hubcaps.
Cars must have visible numbers on each side and on roof, roof number faces driver.
All doors must be chained or welded shut.
No two way radios.
You CAN move the battery in the car if you feel it is warranted.
Speed rating no more than H and tread wear no lower than 400. (Basically Stock)

Upon visual inspection of cars if they don’t seem to be a stock from the factory part or mods to the car we will return your entry fee and you will not be allowed in the event!

Remove all bumper covers.

Participants and crew must buy pit pass to enter pits.

Scoring transponders are required and will be supplied by the racetrack.

No passengers!



Pumpkin Smash Entry Fee & Purse


$50.00 per car in advance, $70.00 at the gate.  Teams may buy a parking spot for their racecar in advance for $25.00.  Parking spots will be 10x20, cars, spare tires, tools, etc.  can be dropped in the parking spot on Friday 10/28 from 10am-3pm or Saturday 10/29 from 10am-3pm.  All haulers and trailers MUST be out of the infield by 2pm each day.  No exceptions! 

(Numbers will be awarded on a first come first served basis, no duplicate numbers will be issued)


Please email to register your car and car number.


Pit Passes are $28.00 per person, driver must purchase


Purse is $5000.00 from racetrack plus all entry fees are returned into the purse. 

As an example if 100 cars enter the event that would be $5000.00 creating a purse that will be $10,000.00, if 50 cars entered purse would be $7500.00, etc.


Purse breakdown example below uses 100 cars and a $10,000.00 purse:


Winner of Stage 1- 15% of Purse: $1500.00

2nd Place Stage 1-7% of Purse: $700.00

3rd Place Stage 1- 3% of Purse: $300.00

Winner of Main Event- 35% of Purse: $3500.00

Second Place Main Event- 13% of Purse: $1300.00

Third Place Main Event 7% of Purse: $700.00

Biggest Pumpkin Smasher 10% of Purse: $1000.00

(Voted by Fan applause after first race)

Hard Luck Award Winner- 5% of purse:$500.00 (Awarded by racetrack)

Best Halloween Appearance- 5% of purse $500.00 voted on by fans during pit party.


Race Format: 

330pm prior to the Monster Truck Pit Party cars will be lined up in turns 3-4 and Turns 1-2 if necessary.  

Drivers will report to their cars and belt in during the first Free Style Motocross event.  Race will begin immediately after the Free Style Motocross event.  

The first race will be 30 minutes or 100 laps whichever comes first.  

The top 30 finishers will qualify for the second and final race.

Final Race is 50 laps! 

And will come up the conclusion of the Monster Truck Event


30,000 lbs of pumpkins will be lined up across the racetrack entering turn 1 and entering turn 3.  The track will also be coated with a haunted mix of Halloween liquid to further create a challenge in grip for all those competing in what is sure to be a Howl!

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